Stephen In The Hallway

I met him in the hallway, I was carrying a bag of groceries. He was always so complimentary of
me every time he saw me. My Tea Tree oil Shampoo and Conditioner neatly placed at the top of
my brown grocery bag. He was a bit of a health freak, like me, I had noticed! He seemed to
always be carrying his gym bag. I guess you could say we noticed each-other. On this particular
occasion he seemed to be different – maybe this time he would muster the courage to ask me
out – and he did.

He asked me if he could take me out for dinner and to see a movie and that sorry it has taken
him so long to actually do so. We had been living in the same building for three years now and
we had had so many conversations and I could feel that he had wanted to ask me out but I
didn’t want to do it for him.

In between the time of us meeting in the hallway over the last three years, we had both had
various relationships but you could see that we both really liked each-other and maybe that’s
why it had never worked out with anyone else.

So finally we went out to dinner. He took me to the local Thai restaurant just down the road
from us. They have the best lemongrass soup! We sat and talked for hours, about the many
times he had wanted to ask me out and just how many times we both thought it was going to
happen and it didn’t. I asked “why now” and he basically said it was because he had had enough
of playing games out there and he knew that he wanted to pursue something with me – if of
course I was interested – which I was obviously.

We talked about everything from our childhoods to what we majored in in college, to our past
dating life to our hopes and dreams. It was one of those when the restaurant was closing but
stayed open a little longer so we could finish our conversation. We had the most amazing night.
We laughed about “going back to our place” – seeing as we were neighbors! I was a perfect lady
and said no and he was a perfect gentleman and didn’t put any pressure on me. We actually
dated dated for a long time before we took our relationship to that place. He earnt my
affections, I was tired of living in a Tinder world and wanted to go back to the old school way of
life, where you actually get to know someone and they get to know you before entering into any
kind of romantic “romantic” relations!

Stephen and I have been together for almost three years now and we decided to move into my
place – it was bigger and it was a big step for him to give up his apartment but it felt like the
right thing to do.

We now share Tea Tree Shampoo amongst our morning coffee and smoothies. He really has
turned out to be my best friend and you know, making him wait has something to say for itself.
Bring back courting – that’s what I say!

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