Purple Shampoo For That Brassy Look

Surely, this is a gag, I thought to myself. I am gonna put this stuff in my hair, and it will all turn purple, ha ha ha. Nope. I was assured by my friend that purple shampoo is an actual thing, and – as I found out moments later – it certainly is.

If you overuse purple shampoo, it actually can turn your hair to a slight shade of purple. But wait, I am getting ahead of myself.

Purple shampoo(MapleHolistics.com) is meant for those who have blonde hair, dyed or natural. There are times when yellower tones than usual begin to make themselves visible in your hair. In the past, it would mean going back to the shop or salon, and getting the dye job re-done. This is no longer the case.

Purple shampoo works, when you use it very occasionally, since it counters the yellower tones, and returns them to a more normal color, which closer resembles the original golden-blonde color.

On the spectrum, I learned, violet and yellow are opposites, so this is how this feat is achieved. By countering the yellow with purple, you are able to ensure that the rest of your hair is unaffected. Unless, of course, you overuse it.

Use it about once a week or two, or simply as needed. Start slow, and see how your hair deals with it. There are shampoos you can buy, and there are recipes for making your very own personal purple shampoo, which is a great option since it means you can throw in natural ingredients, oils, and leave out the harsh detergents, latherers, and other crappy elements which many companies use to make their product look good.

I don’t care about how the shampoo looks in my hair, as long as it gets the job done. Being able to use a shampoo instead of a dye, to reinstate the original due job, has probably saved me a lot of money over the years. It is a pretty cool product, and it can help you out when you are in between dye jobs. Eventually, of course the dye job will fade. And then, you will have to go back to shop or salon to get the dye job redone. However, if you are just interested in bringing back a little bit of your hair’s style, without spending too much money, purple shampoo is a great solution.

Use it carefully, make sure it doesn’t get on your clothing or I don’t know what. It is dye in there, after all, so make sure you don’t stain your bathroom or your things. If you leave it there, and it sinks in, it can seriously stain.

So, no, it is no gag. Do some research, find the company or brand which is best for you, or try to make your own! Using lavender and tea tree oil can give your scalp a great boost, and it is something which I add to many hair care products, after I bring them home from the supermarket.

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