Eotech Red Dot Sights

The naked eye can only see so much and that can work for most things in life. One thing it can’t is hunting or being a long range rifle operator. IN those instances the naked eye can see a target but has the inability to really pinpoint where the target is in these case you have to employ the use of a rifle sight or in some cases a HWS or red dot sight. All of these add ons to your rifle will give you the vision of a hawk which can make locating and shooting your target an easy job. There of course is a lot of practice that is involved but a lot of the sights that are being introduced are fairly self-explanatory.

The differences between a sight on a rifle and a HWS is night and day. For starters a regular sight does not require any additional power to operate properly and a HWS and red dot do. For hunting you will probably want to go with a normal scope. They can be readjusted and focused until the deer is clear in your vision which makes it easier for a kill. The HWS are a bit different in that they need batteries and they essentially project a red dot onto the target so that you can virtually point and shoot if that is what you are into. I personally love these because they make it so easy to shoot and that is what I AM AFTER. I KNOW THAT THERE IS SOMETHING TO BE SAID ABOUT HAVIONG A SKILL IN TARGETING BUT SOMETIMES I HAVE no PATIENCE FOR THAT. Especially if you have been sitting in the hot sun for a long time and finally get a deer in your sights it can be difficult to breathe and focus on the goal. Eotech is a company that makes red dot sights and HWS sights and they are one of the industry’s best manufacturers. Two of their more popular models are the Eotech 512 and 552 and both can be purchased for a fairly cheap price. If you want to know the specifics you can read Gunivores.com review on both of them. That way you can make a more informed decision on what to do next. The key is that you love what you buy because they are not always so cheap. These sights should improve your shooting experience and not halter it. The name of the game is deer hunting and for the most part these can help you achieve that goal.

I personal have been hunting for a long long time in fact I started as a child. When you grow up country you learn how to shoot a rifle it really is as simple as that. My papaw was very adamant that I learn to shoot a rifle if only to be self-sufficient. When you know how to track and kill animals you will never go hungry and that is what we are all after, feeding ourselves. Modern grocery culture has brainwashed us into thinking that we need prepackaged crap and it just isn’t true.

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