Class Three Firearms

In the United States of America automatic weapons are illegal to the majority of the population. However, there are some fully automatic firearms that were grandfathered in before the law against fully automatic weapons were banned. These weapons can still be transferred between people in the united states. Before being able to purchase one of these weapons you will you must apply for a class three permit which will take you about a year to get through the application process. Once you get a class three permit then you will have to wait longer to get a specific permit for each class three firearm you wish to own. This will probably take you a few months to get the specific permit. If you want to purchase a suppressor you will need a class three permit and you will also need to get a specific permit for the suppressor you want as well.

Class three weapons include belt fed automatic weapons. People say that is insane how someone can legally own a belt fed automatic weapon. There has never been a crime committed with a weapon that is registered under the class three permitted system. Under this you can even own a minigun. You can own a browning 50 caliber machine gun. There are very strict background checks in order for people to get these weapons.

There are even stricter rules on where you can fire these weapons. Since most gun ranges do not let you fire on full auto. You have to go to a private range if you want to fire these weapons. There are several places you can go and rent time on these weapons so you can shoot a fully automatic gun without having to go through the entire class three permit process. Some people even own artillery pieces that were purchased before they were made illegal. There is an event in the desert in Arizona where people meet up to fire there large caliber weapons since there isn’t anything in the desert that can be damaged or people that can be injured by these weapons. I believe the majority of people who have class three permits agree that everyone doesn’t need to be able to purchase a fully automatic weapon easily. Fully automatic weapons should be heavily regulated since they have the ability to fire bullets in rapid succession. The military doesn’t even use a standard issue weapon that shoots on full auto. The M4 issued to US soldiers today have a weapon that shoot semi auto and they shoot on three round burst. That is because assault rifles shot on full auto are not accurate at all. Due to the massive amount of kick that comes with fully automatic weapons you cannot keep the firearm on target very easily or at all. Some weapons that are meant to be fire on full auto is belt fed automatic weapons, these are usually put on a tripod to help keep them stable and more accurate.

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