Meal Trains

If you don’t have children and none of your friends have children then you’ve probably never heard of a meal train. Let me break a down for you. A meal train is an online organizer to set up meals for someone who needs it. It’s usually done for people who just had a baby. But it can also be used if someone got really sick, was in a bad accident, recently had surgery, or experienced a loss in the family. It can be used in any scenario. It can even be used if someone just moved to a new home and their friends want to give them some time to get settled. In the Jewish world, it’s mostly used for when someone has a new baby. Sure, our whole religion revolves around food, but when someone dies, you don’t ask what or warn them for whatever food you’re bringing over, you just do. That’s why Shiva houses (houses of the people that are in mourning) are always fully stocked with food and not flowers, never flowers.

So the meal train can sometimes be a bit excessive. In the description, it says how many people the meal is for and any dietary restrictions. The length of any meal train depends entirely on the community. Some communities create a meal train lasting for two months and others create one that lasts for about two weeks. I think one month would be a safe spot, but sometimes there aren’t enough friends in that community to make it so long. You also can decide how many meals the person should get delivered a day and what time. Most of the time it’s only one meal a day. Imagine getting two meals a day for a month. Talk about living large.

I just signed up for a friends meal train who’s a vegetarian. She just had her third boy and the meal train is very specific. It says it’s more soup and salad. You must bring a soup and salad. That’s the rule. If you are bringing them a weekday meal it’s just for two adults but if you are bringing them a weekend meal it’s for two adults and two children. I’ve never seen such a specific meal train. I think it’s because in the past they’ve only gotten pasta and they really didn’t want to spend two weeks eating pasta. They also only made options for meals on every other day, so instead of getting two weeks, they’ve stretched it out to a month.

The funny part is that someone must have not read the details because they literally wrote that they are making chicken. How awkward? Hopefully, someone tells the woman before it’s to o late. I’ve decided I’m going to make a cream of mushroom soup and some sort of salad but I can’t decide. Maybe cabbage and doritos. That’s always a winner.

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